Gear Review: the monoMASTER

I’d like to think that part of fly fishing is caring for our resources.  Most fly fishers I know, would wholeheartedly agree with that. How many times have you been on the river, and come across spent mono/fishing line balled up in the rocks? Or in a bush? Or you switch out your leader andContinue reading “Gear Review: the monoMASTER”

The Purge-Prepping for your Winter Fly Tying Session

Well for the most part fishing season is over and tying season is here. One of the thing that I do, and you might find it is helpful as well, is I pull all of my fly boxes out and start the purge process before I start doing my winter fly tying. Everyone is differentContinue reading “The Purge-Prepping for your Winter Fly Tying Session”

The Longest Main Street in America…

        Island Park… The Harriman… the Railroad Ranch…Last Chance… Macks’ Inn… pick a name, and it will get you to the longest main street in America.  For 33 miles, the city of Island Park beckons folks from all walk of life, for its recreational opportunities-ATVs, hiking, exploring, and well -fishing.   With a main line toContinue reading “The Longest Main Street in America…”

Trip of a Lifetime—4 years ago–and procrastinating journal entries..

Wow…so I keep a journal of all of our fishing adventures (or misadventures at times)… four years ago I went to the Henry’s Fork for a “ladies trip” and life got so busy afterwards, that I never got a chance to “pen it out”. It is so fun going through looking at the pictures toContinue reading “Trip of a Lifetime—4 years ago–and procrastinating journal entries..”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Well so far this year, man what a start to the year. Brittany has been busy with being president for the fly fishing club. All sorts of things happening there. Me getting healed up from surgery for a broken wrist. We bought a new house. Boy is itContinue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

The St. Joe … A love, Hate relationship

If you follow our blog, we are glad that you do; if you don’t we would sure like it if you did!    You can see from past blogs April (Elk hunt 2011) and (Stonefly’s, BWO’s and lessons learned—spring fishing on The Joe), what I mean by I have a love hate relationship with theContinue reading “The St. Joe … A love, Hate relationship”

A year in photos….My first year of fly fishing

The Lochsa-Day 1 Brian and Dale and I fishing on the Lochsa 2012 We hit the NF of the Clearwater the weekend after the Lochsa–one of my very first fish! Brian’s first of many on the NF First time fishing Kelly Creek before the Womens Clinic My first one on Kelly Creek So glad IContinue reading “A year in photos….My first year of fly fishing”

High water and solitude on Kelly Creek

A few weeks ago we decided to take the camper out for a “test drive” so to speak, up on the NF of the Clearwater.  We knew the water would be really high still, but thought, what the hell—I can honestly say we will probably never again have the entire Kelly Creek to ourselves!  TheContinue reading “High water and solitude on Kelly Creek”

Stoneflys, BWO’s and lessons learned—spring fishing on The Joe

We finally made it out on one of the local rivers Saturday—we drove about 2.5 hours north to the St Joe—we knew it would be high, but figured we’d try it anyways… after all—even a bad day of fishing is better than a day at work—and luckily it was both our days off—so no matter what–itContinue reading “Stoneflys, BWO’s and lessons learned—spring fishing on The Joe”