Rabid dogs, Bongs and Gang signs…oh and a camper!

For the last few weeks, I had been diligently looking on craigslist for an affordable camper for the upcoming fishing season—–tired of man handling the air mattress around each night in the tent to blow it up, just to wake up half way through the night cold and on the hard ground…and for those ofContinue reading “Rabid dogs, Bongs and Gang signs…oh and a camper!”


Welcome to Hackles & Herl.  Brian and I welcome you to our page! We are just a couple ordinary folks, with a love for all things fish. This page includes various stories about our adventures, articles, interviews and gear reviews.  We hope you enjoy!  Backstory:  Brian grew up split between Kentucky and Michigan. When he was stationedContinue reading “Intros…”