Gear Review: the monoMASTER

I’d like to think that part of fly fishing is caring for our resources. 

Most fly fishers I know, would wholeheartedly agree with that.

How many times have you been on the river, and come across spent mono/fishing line balled up in the rocks? Or in a bush? Or you switch out your leader and have no good place to store it until you can dispose of it properly?

Enter the monoMASTER.

A few years back when we were fishing the Henrys Fork, I went into one of the local shops in Last Chance and found this little gem.  I immediately put it to work.    
The concept is simple.   
One of those “why didn’t I think of that?!” moments honestly.

When you find spent mono/fishing line or have cut a hunk of it off your setup and need to dispose of it, you simply feed the end of it into the monoMASTER and then turn the post on the bottom of it.

As you turn the post on the bottom, the mono/fishing line begins to wind around the inner cylinder of the monoMASTER .

Let me tell you, it can hold a TON of mono!  I’ve used it now for a couple seasons.  When it is full (or when you just want to clear it out), you simply take the bottom of it off, run scissors or a knife carefully up through the track on the inside.  This turns that looooong piece of leader or tippet, into small one inch sections that come off easily.  This also prevents wildlife at the trash site from getting tangled up in it when it is disposed of in the trash. 
Such a simple design, and yet it fills a very real need in my river gear. 

  When I contacted Bert Vosters from the Netherlands via the monoMASTER website, he let me know that the 2020 run will also include a more eco-friendly packaging, as opposed to the big plastic blister packaging previously- to keep inline with the eco-friendly character of the product itself.  (along with giving me permission to share from their website 🙂

Find the monoMASTER on social media and the web: 
Finding a retailer in the States can be a bit difficult.  I would encourage you to first check with your local small business.  If they don’t carry it, you can find some online by searching for monoMASTER.  Many places are sold out, but you can find them if you look hard enough. 

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