The Purge-Prepping for your Winter Fly Tying Session

Well for the most part fishing season is over and tying season is here. One of the thing that I do, and you might find it is helpful as well, is I pull all of my fly boxes out and start the purge process before I start doing my winter fly tying.

Everyone is different in how they organize their fly boxes. Some organize by bug, some by location, time of year and some by fly types. I have some fly boxes in each category.

But I still don’t like to carry more that I have to, so I purge my boxes at the end of each year.

It seems to me that all of the water’s I fish get more and more pressure each year, and the fish get more and more finicky each year. A fly that has worked the last two seasons doesn’t even get a look now.  Some still catch fish season after season after season.  
So I go thru my fly boxes with the following in mind…

Did the fly produce last season, this season?   
Did I give it a fair try?   
Did one color work and another color not work? 
Did one size work and others not? 

I consider these and other things when deciding if this fly keeps a spot in my fly box.

Also I like to keep a few rows in my fly box for “New” or “Experimental” flies.

I hope this gives you some ideas, and helps you to keep your boxes trim and productive.

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