Long time no post

Folks we are truly sorry it’s been since November since we last posted. 

But it has been a very busy winter. It started off with me ( Brian) having surgery to fix a broken wrist, I fished on it broken all summer. 
Then our landlord told us we had to move so she could move in, so the hunt was on and we found and bought our own house. 
Also my dear wife was made Kelly creeck flycasters very first woman president and we have been busy working on the North Idaho Fly Fishing Expo that will take place in March. 
As for fishing Britt did make it out 3 times to try her hand at steelhead fishing after a lesson from our friend Craig. She had to no takes but was out there, while I stood by on the bank arm in a cast.
 Just wanted to give everyone a quick update, sorry no pics working off of my phone.
 So we are still around more to come soon we promise. Until next time we meet bent rods and screaming drags

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