A year in photos….My first year of fly fishing

The Lochsa-Day 1
Brian and Dale and I fishing on the Lochsa 2012
We hit the NF of the Clearwater the weekend after the Lochsa–one of my very first fish!
Brian’s first of many on the NF
First time fishing Kelly Creek before the Womens Clinic
My first one on Kelly Creek
So glad I finally got a new less frumpy vest! 
Fishing Cayuse Creek at the Womens Clinic
Went back up for a elk camp turned fishing trip on the NF–went back to Cayuse and caught this pretty little fish!
Right out in front of camp!  
One of my favorite pictures from all year….I miss the river
Atop the bridge at the end of the “road”-Kelly Creek 2012
Brian’s fish from out in front of camp
Gettin a truck made it soooo much easier!
Love when the Caddis are on!
Went up to the Joe for some early season fishing–it was tough but I got one!
There were even a couple salmonflies out!
Brian had bad JuJu on the Joe this time…
Decided to head up to Kelly Creek to try out the camper—waters still a tad high…
So we fished Mosse Creek
Gotta watch that back cast “face”
Beman trying his darndest to be a fly dog..
Hanging out @ camp with our NEW Camper!  REALLY makes things easier!
Travelled up to the NF of the Coeur d’Alene–caught a couple nice ones…
Still lovin the camper ❤
And the resident moose, Matilda
Hit Elk River Reservoir while I had a bum foot in the Pontoon…
And Brian hit the creek for some brookie
I love Idaho—It is beautiful no matter where you go or end up!
We went back to the Joe—and Brian made it cry! Litterally!  What a slab!
My fish of the day on none other than the Black Betty!
Lovin Life!
Creek X off of the Lochsa—LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
Brian and Dale horsing around…
One of my first steelhead smolt!
A great one from Creek X
Even in love when pickin up trash…haha
One of Brian’s fish recovering in a slow area…
I just love this picture 🙂  It makes me giggle…
And here it is…  one year later, and I return to the exact same spot I caught my first fish.
No one was holding my hand, I knew where to cast, how to set the hook, how to net it (even if it was only a shrimp fish!)
Oh, and it was on a Purple Haze I tied myself!!

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