Women’s Clinic-2012

It was finally time… I had been waiting all year for the Womens Clinic with KCF.    As we drove up the river road…we saw all the amazing Kokanee looking like little bolts of fire beneath the waters surface.  I had never seen Kokanee before, so it was great watching them chase each other around.  Someday I WILL catch one of the little buggers.  

We got to camp early enough on Friday, so we got the tent set up and headed out for a few hours of fishing.  Sandie was nice enough to direct us to a perfect spot for our little tent…view of the river and all!
We headed up Kelly Creek to take a look around and scope out some areas for Brian to take his student the next day.  We finally settled on an area and hit the water.  We both hooked into a few fish…  It was awesome finally being able to fish our Club’s namesake and catch fish on it!  It is an amazing fishery!
The next day, it was time to head out with my mentor, Saker.  He decided to go away from the “crowds” and take me to Cayuse Creek.  It was a bit of a drive, but so very worth it. What I found to be the most important lesson of the day, was that Saker taught me how to read the water, and where to look for trout.  This knowledge has already helped me be a better fisher, and will continue as I hone my actual skills.  If I can find the fish, then I can practice casting, playing and netting fish even more. 
Saker-an amazing fly fisher (and Bailey–a great dog!)
Cayuse Creek

The hole that I have a vendetta with…more to come on this later.
Saker even let me use his bamboo
rod–it was a little scary, but man
it was nice!!

Around the “fire” that night (okay, it was a group of solar lights, since there were fire restrictions and campfires weren’t allowed) it was time to tell our fish tales.
This is where that hole on Cayuse comes in…  there was a monster of a fish in that hole!  And to my knowledge, he may still be there! I sure as heck didn’t pull him out—although it wasn’t for lack of opportunity!  I tied on a big ugly, and floated it through…and WHAM it hit….and I played it for a little bit, but it shook the hook…being rather inexperienced…I was all geeked up, but tossed the fly back in the hole.  I was looking at Saker for instruction on what to do next, when BAM, it hit again…but I wasn’t looking that direction…so didn’t get a hook set.  And what did I do next…again, I look to Saker for input…and yet again, I had tossed the fly back in..and it hit again! Not once, not twice, but three times and I couldn’t make good on it!  

This summer, I was very fortunate to have some wonderful mentors that got me on the right track.  
First and foremost, my Husband Brian, for getting me interested and having the patience required to teach me (and of course loaning me gear/flies/and his ear).  
To Saker, for having patience with me that day on Cayuse, and teaching me the true basics of fly fishing~~because of you, I have confidence that I can find trout…even when there are miles and miles and miles of “spots” to choose from.
And to Dale, for taking me by the hand, literally, that day up on the Lochsa, teaching me to cast (and cook), welcoming us with open arms to the KCF Family, and sticking with us through all the Board & NIFFE stuff and so much more.  Most importantly for being our friend!
Now the decision for next year is…do I participate again…or do I mentor…?????  

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