First time on the Lochsa…and Britts first go at fly fishing!

It was July 21st, 2012.  Our company from back east had headed for home the day before the Lochsa outing…which meant Yes! We were going to be able to go after all   The day before, we had a bit of inclement weather…a hail storm/minor flood…so we were hoping it would stay clear for our first trip out to the Lochsa. Nothing like Idaho in July!

I had never been out fly fishing before, with the exception of a few casts on Marble Creek last summer when we were supposed to be scouting for deer…but couldn’t pass up some fishing…  I was nervous as heck, it was our first real outing with the Kelly Creek Flycasters—so there would be a whole bunch of new people, and then of course…I knew hardly anything about fly fishing…or fishing in general really!

We drove up and finally made it to the campground around noon.  
We pulled in (thankfully camp was easy to find!)

Dale, our club president was just about to head out for the day, and was kind enough to extend an offer to us to tag along with him.  We had never been up there before, and there is literally miles and miles of river to choose from.  We gladly accepted his offer, and off we went. 
We quickly found out that new gear was in order.  Our lug-sole waders we brought from Michigan just did not play well with the rocky bottom of the Lochsa.   Dale set us up in a spot where it was pretty easy wading, and all three of us could keep close. 
Between Brian and Dale, literally taking my arm and teaching me to cast, I was able to catch my first fish on a fly.  It wasn’t a huge one, and it turned into an aerial fish—as it flew past my body into the depths behind me, but it was official…I WAS HOOKED.  And thus, it started…

KCF put on a great dinner that night, and I got my first experience at Dutch Oven cooking. Dale taught me to make a yummy cherry cobbler type cake.  The highway cleanup was set for Sunday morning, so we unfortunately didn’t get to help with it, as all we had was the day.  Next year, we will be doing a 4 day weekend I think…lots of fishing, recreating and helping pick up!

Its hard for me to believe that a year ago, I had never fly fished. I had never spent time on a river in complete solitude with the single goal of tricking a fish into striking…cutting my teeth on the Lochsa was a bit intimidating, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way!  I had two schooled veterans teaching me the ropes, and a nice feast to come back to that night!    If they only knew what they had unleashed! 🙂  
Since that summer day on the Lochsa, it has been full throttle ever since!  I now sit on the Board as Secretary for the Kelly Creek Flycasters, and we have just helped successfully put  on the North Idaho Fly Fishing Expo.  Pair that up with taking my first fly tying class…and I’d say I am on the right track in life.  It sounds like the rivers and roads to them are finally thawing out some…the time of the trout has returned to North Idaho! 

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